In a previous blog post I gave you 5 benefits of having professional headshots. You can read it here! But, where should you use those fabulous photos you’re so proud of?  Professional photography, whether it’s ‘just’ headshots or a full on brand storytelling session, is an investment in your business so you should use your photos to the max! 
(By the way, you don’t get just 1 photo from a headshot session with me, you get a variety of images to suit different uses… sweet!)
Firstly, lets recap a little on what a professional headshot photo is. It’s a photo of your head and shoulders (sometimes your torso or whole body but that’s more of a portrait), taken in good light that complements your features and style, usually with no props but they are sometimes added to tell more story about who you are. Headshots can be creative if that suits the style of your business. Creativity, mood, styling, lighting, location, clothing choices etc can say a lot about your personality in a single photo.
So why should you have professional headshots? The blog post linked above goes into more detail, but to recap:
  1. They create the first impression of you and your business, make it a good one!
  2. They show you are serious about your business, it’s not just a hobby you make pocket money from.
  3. Puts a face to your business, this is so so important, don’t hide behind logos! We want to see YOU!
  4. Enables ‘like, know, trust’ for your audience. They want to know you before they buy.
  5. Gives you confidence!


Now you have these fabulous photos, where should you use them?

  1. Your website about page.
    Every business website should have an about page that lets your audience read about you and get to know you some more. Having a professional photo of you on your website lets your audience put a face to the business name, you become more memorable too. If we walk into your shop how do we know the person asking if we need help is a seasonal temp or the owner? We don’t unless we’ve seen your face elsewhere. If you meet your clients in cafes or hotels for meetings how do they know who you are when they get there? You’ve got to show you.
    If you have a team of people in your business, you need consistent headshots for each person and display them on the about or team page. It lets clients know who is who and gives a consistent visual identity. You unify your brand and give your business a professional look. Professional does not mean corporate and boring. A quirky consultant can have professional photos and still come across as quirky and unique!
    Having no photos of you or your team on your website gives a few different impressions to your audience:
    • you want to hide (why?),
    • you can’t be bothered,
    • you don’t care about the perception of your business,
    • you haven’t even thought about the perception of your business (whaaatt!),
    • you don’t value yourself enough.
      All of these are negative impressions, maybe unintentionally made but made none the less. Badly taken selfies are just as bad too, maybe worse. They say you don’t care about perceptions or quality and you’re unwilling to invest in your business. So the logical next thought is ‘does this business care about the quality of their products or services?’. You have absolute control over that first impression! 
  2. Social media profiles, including LinkedIn
    Please use your fabulous headshot as your profile picture on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Folksy or LinkedIn accounts. It creates consistency in your brand and let’s your audience see you. You have to assume that each social media account you have or your website is the first point of contact with your business so each profile picture should be one that creates the best first impression and allows your audience to put a face to the business name. The right first impression is the first building block in gaining their trust. Don’t hide behind a logo or picture of your products, that doesn’t create a connection!
  3. Editorials and PR
    A headshot photo is often asked for by magazines and newspapers if they publish an article about you. A professional photo that’s on brand will help keep that recognisable visual identity. Sometimes the photo needs to be in context with the article or you may need extra images. This is where storytelling branding sessions will give you a library of images to select from!
  4. Press Releases
    Professional headshots will help present your brand in the best way in company announcements or promotions that you want seen in the press.
  5. Business cards and marketing materials
    If your business produces printed or digital marketing materials (think client guides, product guides, brochures etc), you may want to include a short section in those about you. A great photo would definitely be needed here! It may be appropriate to include your headshot photo on your business cards – maybe there’s multiple people in your business with different roles, maybe you just want your business card to stand out.
  6. Suppliers pages
    Maybe your business is the proud supplier to another business and they provide a page or a section for you on their website, or you write guest blog posts for others? Business memberships often provide a directory of members on their websites. You will need a great photo of you to include on those pages.

If you’ve found this article useful and would like more information about working with me & what brand photography packages I offer, head to the brand photography page!

Is it time you had a professional headshot? I’d love to make the process easy and enjoyable as well providing you with a headshot you’re proud to use.