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Relaxed and natural family and newborn photography catching memories, the magic of family and emotive stories across North Yorkshire and the North East. Natural and expressive personal branding photography for female led businesses.
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Storytelling Personal branding photography

Creating eye-catching & expressive photos that show your unique personality & spark connection to the people you want to work with

They’re simply perfect! Thank you so much, you’ve summed up what I do and my warm relationship with the couples I create and perform a bespoke wedding ceremony for.

Jackie Warburton, I Do Your Ceremony,

Your photos are usually what potential clients see first, especially in today’s image-led world.

They should be eye-catching, expressive and show your personality in order to spark connection with the people you want to work with – your ‘tribe’.

For small businesses and ‘solopreneurs’ Personal Branding Photography is a critical visual communicator of the who, what & why of your business. You have to make sure you make the best possible first impression on them.

When you:

  • show your personality,
  • share who you are,
  • why your business is fabulous &
  • what it’s like to work with you,

you are helping your audience relate to you, connect with you and your values, get to know you, build trust with you and like you.

Because ‘people buy from people’. 

When you work for yourself your brand isn’t just your logo, it’s EVERYTHING, it’s how you dress, what language you use, the quality of your service or products, what the experience of working with you is like, how attentive you are to clients, as well as the consistency and style of your visual marketing.

Working with me will be a unique experience starting with a consultation call or chat over coffee and cake, where we talk about what makes you passionate about your business, your ‘why’, who you work with, your existing brand and content. A lot planning goes into a branding session!

I have 3 pricing structures to suit any business budget:

Mini Branding
a 1 hour session with 10 digital photos
£125 per hour

Grow Your Brand
a 2 hour session with up to 30 digital photos
From £250

The Storyteller Session
a 4 hour multi-location session with all edited digital photos
From £465