Personal Brand Photography

Creating eye-catching & expressive brand photography that shows your unique personality & sparks connection with your kind of people

“They’re simply perfect! Thank you so much, you’ve summed up what I do and my warm relationship with the couples I create and perform a bespoke wedding ceremony for.”

Jackie Warburton – I Do Your Ceremony

Your brand photography is usually what potential clients see first, especially in today’s image-led, social media driven world.

Your photographs should be eye-catching, expressive, tell stories from within your business, and show your personality in order to spark connection with your kind of people.

For micro businesses and ‘solopreneurs’ Personal Brand Photography is a critical visual communicator of the who, what & why of your business. You have to make sure you make the best possible first impression on your audience and spark connection with them.

When you:

  • show your personality,
  • share who you are,
  • why your business is fabulous &
  • what it’s like to work with you,

you are helping your audience relate to you, connect with you and your values, get to know you, build trust with you and like you. You make them want to work with you or buy your products.

Because ‘people buy from people’. 

When you work for yourself your brand isn’t just your logo, it’s EVERYTHING, it’s how you dress, what language you use, the quality of your service or products, what the experience of working with you is like, how attentive you are to clients, as well as the consistency and style of your visual marketing. Personal brand photography can help you not just get your messages across but well and truly build relationships and trust with your ideal clients. 

Working with me on your brand photography will be a unique experience starting with a consultation call or chat over coffee and cake, where we talk about what makes you passionate about your business, your ‘why’, who you work with, your existing brand and content. We’ll create a detailed session plan before I pick up my camera and arrange locations. This enables us to ensure we create images that will provide maximum benefit to you at your session. A lot of planning goes into a brand photography session!

What's included in a Brand Photography Package

Every brand photography session is different so each one is tailored to what the business needs. My aim is to be as supportive as you need me to be so if you need to review your brands visual elements and messaging before planning your session I can help with that. 

However, if you are really clear on what you need and have even started curating a shot list, that’s great too! Each of my price packages includes the below features. 

Our first call is designed for us both to get to know each other so we can both decide if we are the right fit for your project. We’ll chat about your business, your inspiration and motivation, your clients, and what you need to achieve from your photos, as well as what you like to do in your spare time & your family. 

The answers in your welcome questionnaire will guide us through the planning process. Planning can make or break a shoot so I will offer tailored support to make sure you’re prepared ahead of the shoot day. Whether you’ve got a shot list and locations in mind, or would like advice and suggestions from me, we’ll have one or more in-depth calls or meetings to ensure all the details are sorted before your shoot day.

You’ll receive a bespoke shoot plan which sets out all the creative and practical elements of our shoot. Its aim is to support you as you prepare for our shoot day. It will include a moodboard, notes on props and styling, a pre-shoot checklist, and shot list for the day so we both know just what we are capturing.  

Your shoot plan helps us keep on track for the day so we capture the required images and have an enjoyable & productive session! Although the timing will have some built in room for following creative inspiration. The session should go smoothly and efficiently thanks to the plan but I will help calm any nerves on arrival and ease you into the session gently. It won’t take long to get into the swing of it and enjoy it! 

Editing takes about 2 weeks. Once it’s complete you’ll receive a beautiful private online gallery of images, with the ability to download both high-res and low-res versions. 

If you have specific image requirements, either format or delivery, I can accommodate those too.

Travel within 1 hour of DL10 is included in half & full day packages. 

For the mini session, travel within 30  minutes of DL10 7 is included. 

Choose Your Adventure

Below are my most popular brand photography session options and can be held outdoors, at your workplace or other suitable indoor location, or a mixture of both (excluding the mini session session). If these options don’t suit you we can create a bespoke package for you, just ask! With each package you will receive your photos within approx. 2 weeks. 

The Full Day


This full day session is perfect for businesses who want to create loads of content to meet specific marketing goals.

We’ll source and hire a beautiful property that suits your brand, where we can create privately, having fun capturing a wide variety of stories, details and images suitable for multiple seasons of content marketing.

This package offers the greatest support and value, creating content to take your business forwards for the next 1-2 years. 

6 hours | 2 locations | 150 images

+ Full brand and marketing review and 2 planning sessions either in person or on Teams.

+ Multiple Locations for the greatest variety of images.

+ Your chosen images as high res & web ready low res files.

+ Post session catch-up to review how best to put your images to use.

+ This session can be split into 2 allowing you to shoot in 2 seasons of the year. (Only 1 session would include the hired property.)

A 25% (£318.75) deposit is required to book your date and time, with the remainder due anytime up until the day of your shoot or a payment plan can be arranged.

The Half Day


A 3 hour shoot to capture a variety of details, stories & personality that catches the attention of your ideal clients.

Your library of 75 on-brand, unique to you images will save you time and enable you to market your services or products confidently, proudly and with joy!

With time for 2 close-to-each-other locations and some swift outfit changes we’ll create more than enough variety to see you through 6 months to a year of visual marketing. And of course I’ll be there to guide and support you along the way!

3 hours | 2 locations | 75 images

+ Full brand and marketing review and 2 planning sessions either in person or on Teams.

+ 2 locations close together and within a 1 hour drive of DL10 7.

+ Your chosen images as high res & web ready low res files.

+ Post session catch-up to review how best to put your images to use.

A £200 deposit is required to book your date and time, with the remainder due anytime up until the day of your shoot or a payment plan can be arranged.

Mini Refresh


These short 1.5 hour sessions are perfect for those starting up in business, or if you have a specific reason in mind – a new service, a new product range, you want to trial working with me or you just need a refresh.

Together we’ll choose a local location that allows for a variety of photos that will build connection with your audience and show your personality.

For individual business owners rather than teams. 

90 minutes | 1 location | 25 images

+ Planning questionnaire to help you create a plan of what we need to capture and why. 

+ 1 Consultation call prior to the shoot to help tailor the session, answer any questions and get to know you and your brand before we meet.

+ Location of your choice within 30 minutes of DL10 7.

+ Your chosen images as high res & web ready low res files.

Full payment is required upon booking to secure your date and time.

Ready to start your adventure?

If you like what you’ve read and would like to explore what working together could create for you, fill in the form below and I’ll contact you with date options for a chat, either via video call or, if you’re local, for a meet up with a cuppa. 

“Katy is brilliant! From start to finish she has been very responsive to my messages and enquiries. We talked through the photos I might like to have taken and she captured a lovely community feel that I was after.”

Sam, SLB Fitness