Natural Newborn Photography | Katy Howe Photography
Natural and relaxed newborn photography sessions at home, capturing real family life with a newborn baby across North Yorkshire and the North East.
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Natural newborn photography at home

Natural, relaxed & unique to you, newborn sessions tell the beautiful story of your new life as parents in an emotive style.

Newborn sessions are held in the comfort of your home, where you and your family are most relaxed, most yourselves and where I can capture the real, everyday moments of connection between parents and children. When you’ve just given birth the last thing you want to do is pack up all the paraphernalia and make a trip to a studio, right?!

You’re newborn photography at home will be the easiest and most relaxed session you ever have, I promise!

It will be natural, capturing who you are, it will be fuss-free and with out props. We won’t persuade your baby to stay in curly poses, we’ll go with the flow of what your baby needs. We’ll try to capture a variety of photos to document this emotive time, such as baby in their cot or moses basket but if baby wants to stay in your arms, that’s fine, we work with them. The only guidance I’ll offer is to direct you to good light, like by a window, ask you to hold baby ever so slightly higher towards your face, kiss or hold their fingers. Your photos will honest, real and utterly unique to you. These are the photos that make you FEEL and remember as well as being worthy of display on your walls.

Newborn sessions last as long as baby needs, usually 1.5 -3 hours depending on how settled baby is. Every session will have it’s own private online gallery for viewing and downloading photos.

The Socially Distant Newborn Session
£125 for a 1 hour session at the park/woods/beach etc or in your garden and/or through your windows/open doors, with 15 digital photos.
I’ll use a long lens so I can still capture the details of your newborn, those tiny feet and fingers simply have to be captured!

The Full Newborn Session
£250 for a 2-3 hour session at home, all digital photos and (2) 12×8″ mounted prints.