There are sooooo many wedding photographers all competting for space on Google’s first page, so how do you choose, and avoid overwhelm taking the joy away from finding ‘the one’? 
Here are my 5 tips to help you choose the right wedding photographer for you:

1. Know your style

Lets have a look at the types of wedding photography available so you can gauge which style may suit you. Yes, you need to decide on storytelling style before booking your photographer! You need to love your photographers style and how they edit so you don’t end up with photos that you don’t like. You want to love you photos so you need to choose a style first.
Don’t worry too much if you really like two styles, many photographers will offer a variety of styles throughout the day or an overriding style but will weave in another style. 
Traditional Photography
Think classic and think of your parents wedding photos. This style isn’t wild, creative or different but it’s timeless. They are simply posed, typically shot at eye-level and head-on. These photos will still look good at your 60th wedding anniversary! This style is typically offered for family portraits after the ceremony and can be easily incorporated into a day that’s captured in a documentary manner. 
Documentary/Reportage Photography
Documentary photography is all about capturing the magic as it happens. It’s candid, unposed, unscripted and with no direction from your photographer. This style tells the story of your day fully and captures the most heartfelt and memorable moments, naturally. Many photographers and couples alike opt for this style for the majority of the day and capture family portraits in a more traditional style. 
Contemporary Photography
This style is much more posed with an editorial feel. This style is for you if want fashion-led, creative images. They are often created using dramatic backdrops, unusual lighting or an abstract focus. You’re likely to spend much more time with your photographer creating these magazine worthy images than you are partying with your guests. 
If you’ve no idea what style you like, the best place to start is Pinterest or Instagram! Spend some time saving images then evaluate what you have saved – do they fit a style or mix of styles?
Additionally, you’ll need to pour over photographers websites and socials, then make a short list of those to get in touch with. Ideally, You should meet, or at least chat on the phone, with potential photographers. You can also visit wedding fairs and meet attending photographers. You’ll be spending your wedding day with this person so you need to like and trust them! 

2. Know your budget

There’s no point finding a photographer whose style you love but they cost double your budget. Ouch! So, do your research first and crawl those websites. A lot of photographers put their packages on their websites, while some will only state a ‘starting at’ price.  Some photographers give discounts for weekday weddings or last minute bookings (but that’s a risky strategy!).

Most photographers list their packages on their websites so it’s quite easy to rule them in or out quickly if they are way over your budget.


3. Know the hours you want covering

Some photographers only offer full 10 hour days while some offer a half day 4 or 5 hour package and some even offer ceremony & portraits only packages too. Decide when you want your cover to start. If you want the full story capturing from getting ready to first dance then you’re looking for a full 8-10 hr package but if you only want a photographer for half the day you need to decide whether that’s from getting ready to portraits after the ceremony or from the ceremony to speeches or first dance.


4. Ask for recommendations

But don’t just ask who and how much, ask to see all of their photos, ask if they met the photographer before the wedding, did they discuss plans for the day, did the photographer ask how the couple wanted their wedding capturing – formal portraits included, styled portraits, or the whole thing as it happens with no interference from the photographer? Purely asking friends and family how much they paid puts you at risk of making your decision based on price and that could mean getting photos you’re not happy with. You have to like a photographers style of editing and approach to capturing your day above all! 

5. Book an engagement shoot

Some photographers include these sessions with some packages but sometimes you need to book it separately. It’s a great way of spending a bit of time with your photographer, getting to know them and learning how they can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. You also get more beautiful photos to pour over, smile at and laugh at together over the years!

I hope this blog post has been helpful and you feel more confident choosing the right wedding photographer for you. If you’d like to read more info on my style, my packages and arrange a call or face to face chat with me, head to the weddings page for info & a contact form. I’d love to hear about your wedding and get to know you!  


Are you looking for a calm & laid back documentary wedding photographer to tell the story of your big day naturally?