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Questions you may have about what happens before, during and after your family photoshoot.
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Below are the most commonly asked questions from clients. If you have one not listed feel free to contact me and ask!

Either fill in the contact form here or email me on katy@katyhowephotography.co.uk. If you’re interested in me capturing a special day like a christening or birthday please plan ahead and contact me in advance. I look forward to working with you and creating some beautiful memories for your family.

The best advice I can give you is to relax and be yourselves. Have a good nights sleep the night before, no wild parties or nights out! Once you have booked your session I will send you my ‘How to prepare guide’ on what to expect, how to make the most of your photo shoot and what to wear. We will also chat over the phone or email to go through any questions you may have and finalise the details.

Yes I do. Gift certificates are usually bought for a specific type of session but can be any monetary value. Please contact me for my Price List so that you can choose which option best suits you and your recipient, or call me for a chat.  All gift certificates are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Living in the UK, this is a valid question! I keep a close eye on the forecast as we approach your session day and will of course keep you up to date with any concerns I have. If the weather is particularly poor on the day of your session and I decide it is unsuitable, then of course we will reschedule free of charge. Usually it’s just pouring rain that means we have to reschedule. I have done sessions in snow, drizzle and cold and got some beautiful portraits so please don’t panic if isn’t sunny. An overcast day is absolutely fine and actually the most flattering light to shoot in. It’s just if it’s pouring down that we may have to reschedule.

I’m a Mum too and I understand children fall ill, sometimes without warning. If your child is poorly on the day of the session then I am more than happy to reschedule to another suitable date. As much warning as possible is much appreciated, even if it’s just to warn me that you may need to rearrange. If you suspect your child is coming down with something a quick warning message the day before is greatly appreciated. I want to take the best images I can for you so would much rather your child was on top form for the session.

My mini sessions are usually held at specific times of the year and all on one day, so whilst I would do my best to reschedule your session, this may mean you may not receive your portraits in time for the event (e.g. Mother’s Day minis, if you book this and have to reschedule, your session date may end up being after Mother’s Day).

I think all parents worry about this, I know I do whenever I have my family photographed!

My photography sessions take place in our great outdoors or at your home. So your children won’t feel any pressure, they can just be themselves! And if you’re groaning ‘oh no’, you really don’t have anything to worry about, I will chat to you on the phone before our session and find out all about your children, their likes and dislikes/what makes them laugh, so I know how to get the best possible photos of them. Although sessions tend to last roughly 90 minutes, I don’t have a set time limit. So if your little one decides to throw a mega wobbly half way through the session, it’s no problem. I’ll just start shooting again once they’ve cheered up! (and a few discreetly captured photos of them being upset and you comforting them may be lovely, or funny, to look back on when they’re all grown up!)

I take a lot of care in selecting and editing your images to make sure you get the best photos from our session. This process can take up to 2 weeks. Once editing is complete I will send you a link and password to access your online gallery. There will be roughly 40-60 photos (from fully bespoke sessions, less for mini sessions) for you to view. How many your are allowed to download or order for prints will depend on which collection you have purchased.

Yes, you get to choose the photos you want.
The amount of digital images, prints or wall art included depends on the package you have purchased.

As a photographer I take great pride in my finished work and only provide the final, edited images. I take hundreds of images at each photo shoot so it isn’t possible for me to edit them all for you to choose from. Not every photo captured is a good one too! During my selection process I do take into consideration your preferences and any specific images you wanted to capture during the session, as well as selecting a mix of images to give you a varied gallery.

You will see a mixture of both colour and black and white images in your gallery. I do normally process a lot more in colour though, so you’re likely to get a 80/20 split. I process each image how I think it works best, but you can order a colour image in b&w or vice versa.

My collections include digital images which will be provided as print ready Jpegs. Because I don’t want your beautiful portraits to stay hidden on a USB I also provide a set of 6×4” prints, which are printed at a professional print lab on high quality, long lasting paper. I do not provide the digital negatives, these are unedited files and therefore unfinished work.

Yes! When you book your session I will send you my price list. I’m perfectly happy to advise you which portraits would look fabulous with which frames or as a canvas or other type of wall art, as well as providing suggested images and layouts of storyboard frames. I can also provide previews of framed prints before you choose and even show you what they may look like in a room, it’s quite hard to visualise how big a framed print may be on a wall, I can help with that!

Copyright of all images belongs solely to Katy Howe Photography. Digital images provided to you will include a print release which entitles you to print and share the images for personal use only. You are not permitted to use the images commercially or for financial gain.

Your photos will firstly be downloaded to my computer (my own machine for my exclusive use, not a family machine) and then backed up to cloud services, where they are stored for an undefined number of years. They will be removed from my computer hard drive after 1 year. After your session, your photos will be uploaded to an online gallery service temporarily for you to view and choose your images. Once you have chosen your images and completed your purchase the gallery will be removed. Once your purchase of digital images and prints is complete it is your responsibility to keep them safe. If your computer hard drive fails and your images are not backed up I may not be able to replace them for you, I do not retain client images indefinitely.  I do keep them for an undefined number of years on my cloud based backup facility, but I don’t keep them forever.

Babies grow quickly and are ever-changing and I love to capture images of them no matter what age. Photo shoots are possible at any age, however, the following ages are favourites.

1-2 weeks | Newborn photo shoots are ideally done 1-2 weeks after birth. This enables me to capture your baby at their tiniest and is also when they are most settled.

As my sessions are all natural and unposed, newborn shoots can take place within the first 6 or 7 weeks. However, sessions may take longer for those older newborns if they suffer colic or tummy aches after feeds. They’re also a bit less sleepy, tend to fill out a bit and look less ‘newborn’!

6-8 months | Not newborn anymore but a lovely age to capture them. At this age babies can usually sit up by themselves, roll, smile and giggle. This is a lovely time to have a photo shoot as I can capture a lot of personality as they interact with the camera well.

12-16 months | By now baby will be walking, perhaps a bit wobbly, but that all adds to the charm of the images. Their first birthday is a big milestone worth celebrating, for them and you, for surviving the first year!

It’s best to book your newborn session after your 20 week scan to avoid disappointment. We can pencil in a couple of dates the two weeks after your due date and we can choose the actual date once baby has arrived. If baby has already arrived and you’ve decided you’d like newborn portraits, please contact me!

These last 2-4 hours depending on baby. Settled and sleepy babies in their first 1-2 weeks can be photographed quite quickly at home. Babies 2-6 weeks who may be ‘colicky’ (mine were) will  take longer to settle. However, our aim is to naturally capture life at home, snuggling and being with your newborn so we will take everything in our calm stride!

Of course there will! I am passionate about capturing everyday life, although feeding and settling feels endless and sometimes tedious when our babies are tiny, it is a fleeting time in the grand scheme of life and to capture the closeness of feeding is important and a privilege. Those are portraits that Mummy’s will look back on with a smile.

No, but space always helps! The rooms we are most likely to use are your living room, kitchen/diner and master bedroom and/or baby’s nursery so they do need enough natural light to read a book easily without additional lighting (at the time your session is booked for). Sofas and nursing chairs placed next to windows are perfect for cuddling/feeding photos. If you can’t read a book without sitting on the windowsill or turning on a light, the room is too dark to achieve good photographs.