About Me

Hello, I’m Katy!

I am a Mum, or Mumma as my baby girl calls me, to my two lively children,
wife to my husband, cook, cleaner, and leader of adventures.
I am a visual storyteller, memory catcher and document-er of our everyday moments.

I like the simple things in life, walking on the moors and woodlands, weekend camping, drinking my morning coffee in peace (doesn’t happen), hearing the birds singing and children laughing on our dog walks, good homecooked food and a G&T when the kids are in bed! I love being in the outdoors, somewhere remote with just the sounds of nature or a babbling river, exploring our countryside and having family adventures. We’ve built our own house, from the foundations up, I’ve loved designing it (I love interiors) and have a great sense of place, achievement and pride for what we have accomplished, together as a family (because we all worked on it, even our then 3yr old!). I live near Richmond, North Yorkshire and will happily travel throughout North Yorkshire and the North East for you.

My passion for capturing memories

I’ve always loved photography, from snapping away as a teenager with my parents camera to my first film SLR, oh the joy and nervous excitement of waiting for prints to arrive in the post! I captured everything with that SLR, but mainly landscapes and my rock climbing adventures. Other hobbies took over for a bit then it was the birth of my own children that really reignited my love of photography. Watching them grow and change made me want to capture everything they did, the tiny moments like the first time they grasped a toy to the bigger milestones like the first time they stood up and took those first steps. I finally decided my iPhone wasn’t good enough, I wanted to capture my everyday beautifully and creatively, and I couldn’t wait for prints in the post from my SLR so I needed a digital SLR! With this I captured EVERYTHING! My love for documentary photography and capturing our everyday moments was born! Since then my photography has grown and I’ve developed my own style of shooting and editing. I’m now exploring with making family films and having so much fun with them.

For my clients my sessions are more lifestyle than documentary, that means I interact and engage lightly with minimal posing rather than purely and quietly observing and capturing what happens naturally. I meet you somewhere in our great outdoors or at your home and let you play. Dad’s so often breathe a deep sigh of relief when I say ‘just play like you usually do’! I chat a little to engage children or too look my way (children always seem to have their backs to me!). I want your session to be relaxed, fun and natural, this is when we capture the most beautiful photos you will treasure.

I am also passionate about seeing your portraits PRINTED. With the rise of camera phones and digital photography there is a tendency to snap away, store it in the cloud and say ‘I’ll get round to printing them one day’. Who sees your portraits locked on a server in timbukto?! PRINT them! And then you can enjoy them EVERYDAY! That’s why my session fees INCLUDE prints as well as the digital files.