If you run a small or micro business, or if it’s just you, you should have some professional headshot photos! Why? Because professionals know how to take a great photograph that will give your audience the right and best first impression of you. That first impression is so so important! It determines a viewers perception of your business. Your followers want to see your face, see YOU, not just your work. Showing up online helps build trust and boost conversions from ‘just looking’ to loyal clients.
If you need a little more persuasion I have two other blog posts for you right here: 5 benefits of professional headshots and where to use your professional headshot photos.
If you book a headshots photo shoot with me, I will help you prepare so you know what to expect. I’ll make the session relaxed and informal so you feel comfortable and relaxed enough to give me your most genuine, easy going smiles.
So, here are my 5 top tips for preparing for your headshot photo shoot:
Branding session with Lisa Ahmad

1.Plan your outfit in advance

What you wear can make a big difference to how you feel, and therefore, the feel of your photos too. Your outfit should be carefully considered, the wrong clothes can give an impression that’s not quite aligned with your brand voice. The right clothes will make you feel & look confident, reflect your brand style, and help give the best first impression.
The most important thing though is to just be you! I can’t and won’t tell you what to wear. If you’re personal brand is an eclectic explosion of colour then me telling you to wear a single colour trouser suit isn’t going to work! Just be You.
Feel free to bring along a change of top/jacket/scarf to give a bit of variety to your gallery. 

2. Show up well rested!

This is so simple and obvious but, get a good nights sleep the night before! You’ll feel more refreshed and it will show in your skin and mood. Take the photo shoot as an opportunity to pamper yourself the night before, run a bath, put on a face mask and relax a while! 

3. Keep your make-up natural to you

Wear your normal make-up, don’t doll up if it’s not your style and your audience don’t often see you in different or full make-up. Be authentic to your style and your business brand. However, feel free to book a session with a pro make-up artist if that’s what you want and will help you feel more confident! I can recommend a few local to Richmond if needed. 

4. Plan your day to minimise stress

Plan your day so you arrive at your session feeling good and positive, if a little nervous! I prefer to book branding and headshot sessions for 9/10am so it’s the first thing you do in your working day, leaving little time for your own work to stress you! It’s a god idea to leave home with plenty of time for travel and traffic so that doesn’t stress you either. A few good ways to get you in the right mindset for your session are too: take a short walk before your journey, have a cuppa in the garden or at your favourite coffee shop, listen to some uplifting music on your drive, find somewhere peaceful to close your eyes & concentrate on some deep slow breaths.
If this fails and the nerves are taking over, focus on the end result – what your photos are for and how relieved you’ll feel when it’s over and you have some fabulous new photos to wow your audience with!

5. Bring some props with you

Everyone feels a bit nervous and uncomfortable at first but I’ll give advice on how to sit or stand & ‘poses’ that look relaxed. One of the best ways to reduce discomfort is to have something to hold or look at. This can help you relax and give your hands something to do. We always feel awkward about our hands during photoshoots! Simple things including:
  • your phone
  • notebook
  • tools of your trade (if appropriate for the location)
  • a coffee cup
  • your laptop.

Even your four legged friend can join in too! If you don’t want to hold anything or still feel awkward, but you’re a person who ‘talks with their hands’ then feel free to chat away and use your hands. Otherwise, I’ll give advice on what to do with them at the time.

I hope you find these tips helpful and they take away a bit of the mystery around a headshot photo shoot! If you’re ready to take the plunge and book a session with me head over to the contact page and drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you.
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Is it time you had a professional headshot? I’d love to make the process easy and enjoyable as well providing you with a headshot you’re proud to use.