High quality professional headshot photos aren’t just for the corporate world. They’re essential for every type of business owner whether you run a ‘hobby business’ or it’s your  livelihood.
In today’s world we are all judged, or perceived, by our our profile photos, the content we put on our websites, social media, and by every photo of ourselves we put online from selfies in the park with the kids to professional imagery. Sad but true. Yes that includes personal social profiles too because (depending on your privacy settings) they can be viewed by potential clients too.
In this media led age our first action in the hunt for products and services is to search online. What we see online creates our first impression of a business. The images on your website & socials becomes the first interaction with your business. You have one chance to make a great first impression.
Here are 5 reasons why you will benefit from hiring a professional photographer to create your headshot photos:
Headshot portrait of Katy Howe

1. First impressions matter

A professionally taken headshot (to be used as profile photos on your socials for instance) will portray your professionalism and create a great first impression. A selfie taken in bad lighting at home does not.

2. Shows you are serious about your business

The profile photos you use to give a face to your business allows your audience to see you as you want them to see you.  Remember, what they see creates their first impression, make it a good one!
Think about that for a moment. Powerful stuff right?!
That is the most important reason for having professional headshots – you control that all important first impression, and you portray that you are serious about your business and it’s branding, you recognise its importance and act on it.
But is this important for a tiny, ran from home business? Yes! Absolutely yes! The pandemic has created an explosion of homebased, part time (and full time) businesses which just makes it even more important to have professional photos of you, the business owner.
Furthermore, the same can be said for all your visual content of course. You need your visual content to be the best quality, the most engaging, the most unique to you and to tell your brand story so your business and your products or services really stand out from the crowd.

3. Puts a face to your business

Professional headshots portray you looking your best. It allows your audience to see you, to know you a little and to feel connected to you and your business. They want to buy from a real person, not a faceless business.
You also need to ‘show up’ regularly on your social media pages. Do you want a library of great photos that show your personality, your expertise, that you’re a master of your craft, or do you hide behind your name and never post your face? Do you think your audience don’t want to see you? I got news for you, they do!

4. Enables 'like, know, trust' with your audience

A professional headshot, or a library of personal branding images will portray your personality. Smiling indicates you’re friendly and approachable. If your audience are parents you could include your kids to show you’re a Mum too and you understand how chaotic Mum-life is! Alternatively, be creative and include toy clutter, clothing, the long to-do list, or have your shoot at home for example.
If you’re a maker, have your shoot in your studio and capture shots of you working as well. Maybe include what you like to do in your spare time, it all helps your audience get to know You and to trust you.

5. Gives you Confidence!

A great headshot can make you feel more confident and proud of yourself. Pride and confidence makes us happier and being happier comes across when we talk to potential customers (and our family!). Additionally, it can help you feel more positive, and that can be a great boost to tackling tasks you’ve put off, or going for that big sky goal.
If you’ve found this article useful and would like more information about working with me & what brand photography packages I offer, head to the brand photography page! 
Is it time you had a professional headshot? I’d love to make the process easy and enjoyable as well providing you with a headshot you’re proud to use.