We may not have had the warmest of summers and, for the end of September, its not very cool! However, the leaves are starting to fall and starting to turn their glorious shades of yellows, browns, reds and golds! Autumn, with all her rich and golden colours, is the perfect season for an autumn family photo session. But why?

Here are 3 reasons why you need a family photo shoot this autumn: 

Father playing in autumn leaves with children

1. Autumn Family Photo Shoots are FUN!

Autumn isn’t as cool or cold as winter and not as hot as summer so kids can run in the leaves and play games without getting hot, bothered, grumpy and sweaty, big win for parents and photographers alike! 

What’s more fun that jumping in piles of leaves, throwing them in the air (or at siblings!), chasing the dog through them, or searching for the biggest or brightest leaves, acorns or conkers? Who loves the crunch of dry leaves underfoot? My small people certainly do! Or inspecting the intricate patterns created by the first frosts. These simple joys of autumn are great photo opportunities as they are natural moments and a part of childhood that should be captured for your family’s history. The laughter and excitement these simple things generate are sure to provide you with relaxed photos that you will treasure. 

Nature gives us the most perfect photo backdrop in Autumn!

2. Autumn Family Portraits make Wonderful Christmas Gifts

Imagine ticking off the list ‘gifts for Grandparents’ as early as October! Grandparents LOVE receiving photos (or even better, framed photos!) of their grandchildren or loved ones. These gifts are so much more meaningful than booze, chocolates or a new jumper! 

Professional photographers can often provide professional prints (which are much higher quality than high street or supermarket prints), help and advice regarding frames or gift products. I provide a range of printed products so just chat to me, you’ve nothing to loose! 

3. The oh so pretty light is oh so flattering!

It’s a misconception that Summer is the best time for family photos. The sun is so high in the sky it makes for really harsh light and deep shadows in all the wrong places. Even finding shade is tricky and the fully leaved green trees cast a green light on everyone’s faces, which just makes for lengthy editing challenges! Fast forward to Autumn and the sun is lowering giving softer, warmer light and enabling it to filter gently through trees in such beautiful ways. Nature puts on her most dramatic and beautiful display of colours in autumn. What’s not to love?! All those golden and rich colours as a backdrop really make a family stand out in their photos. 

If you’d love to capture some photos of your family having fun, loving and laughing in the autumn leaves, there’s more information on this years mini sessions here